Innovative Asset Management Solutions for Underground Transmission

The USi Group of Companies provides engineering services and advanced technology products for the electric power delivery industry, particularly underground transmission systems. The USi Group of Companies is specialized in high voltage cable systems with particular focus on fluid filled systems (HPFF and SCFF). 
Comprised of Underground Systems, EHV Power and hvGrid-tech, the USi Group is unique. In addition to designing, fabricating, installing and maintaining custom-engineered products including high voltage cable accessories and pressurizing and cooling plants and associated controls, our staff provides the expertise to integrate with and support customer’s existing monitoring and control systems.
USi offers a full range of services from staff training to total project execution packages.  
  • Monitoring, Ratings, Diagnostics & Controls
  • Pressurizing, Circulating & Cooling Plants
  • HPFF Cable Accessories
  • Engineering Services
  • High Voltage Cable Installation
  • Maintenance & Service
  • Jointing, Terminating and Hydraulic Services
  • North America and International
  • SCFF/HPFF Cable Accessories
  • Reservoirs and Hydraulic
  • System Components for SCFF Cable Systems
  • Sheath Bonding Link Boxes
  • id-Technik Cable Clamping Solutions